How do I control backlight move and brightness on the L80 MAX RGB?

The backlight can be controlled by using the FN modifier key with the backlight control of your choice:

Increase Effect Speed: FN + Right Arrow.

Faster the backlight reaction.


Fig. 01 / MGK L80 MAX RGB Increase Effect Speed.


Decrease Effect Speed: FN + Left Arrow.

Slower the backlight reaction.


Fig. 02 / MGK L80 MAX RGB Decrease Effect Speed.


Increase Backlight: FN + Up Arrow

Increase all the backlight.


Fig. 03 / MGK L80 MAX RGB Increase Backlight.


Decrease Backlight: FN + Down Arrow

Decrease all the backlight.


Fig. 04 / MGK L80 MAX RGB Decrease Backlight.


Dark Mode: FN + Num.0.

Shutting down all backlight effect.


Fig. 05 / MGK L80 MAX RGB Dark Mode.


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