How do I change backlight mode on the L80 MAX RGB?

The backlight mode can be changed by using the FN modifier key with the backlight mode of your choice:

Static ModeFN + INS

Effect will change from set minimum brightness to maximum brightness cycle. 


Fig. 01 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Static Mode.


Breathing Mode: FN + HOME.

Lighting effect will change from minimum brightness to maximum brightness cycle. 


Fig. 02 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Breathing Mode.


Focus ModeFN + PGUP.

Trigger a diagonal line lighting effect move toward the center of the keyboard.


Fig. 03 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Focus Mode.


Marquee ModeFN + DEL.

Single row marquee effect will run through keyboard in linear motion at opposite direction from every other roll.


Fig. 04 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Marquee Mode.


Custom Mode: FN + END.

Effortlessly set desire backight color to each individual keys.


Fig. 05 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Custom Mode.


Reactive Mode: FN + PGDN.

Lights up upon actuation and stays lit momentarily for a trailing effect.


Fig. 06 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Reactive Mode.


Wave Mode: FN + PrtSc.

Backlight move across keyboard in a subtle gradient format.


Fig. 07 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Wave Mode.


Circular Mode: FN + ScrLk.

Pressed key and surrounding keys will lit up momentarily and fade away.


Fig. 08 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Circular Mode.


Splash Mode: FN + Pause.

Trigger a horizontal splash wave effect moves outward from the pressed key.


Fig. 09 / MGK L80 RGB MAX Splash Mode.



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