How to pair the keyboard in Bluetooth mode


Step. 1 

Switch the keyboard to BT Mode. Chose BT1, BT2, or BT3 to set up a profile; the keyboard will automatically go into Pairing mode for 5 minutes until a connection is successfully established if the keyboard has never connected to a device before. The DEL key light will blink slowly indicating it is in Pairing Mode.


Step. 2

To manually set up the keyboard in Pairing Mode, hold down the FN key and the DEL key for a few seconds until the DEL key light blinks slowly. The keyboard is now in Pairing Mode.


Step. 3

For Mac: navigate to 'System preferences' and select 'Keyboard'. Next, click on 'Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard'.

For PC: Open 'Bluetooth Settings' and select 'Add Bluetooth of other device'. Once the setup wizard finds 'AZIO-FOQO', click on 'Pair'. 

Once pairing is successfully completed, the keyboard backlight will stop flashing. The keyboard is now ready for use.


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