How do I record macro keys on the L80 MAX / MAX RGB?

01 / Make sure the keyboard is in Gaming Mode by pressing the “G” button (Fig. 01). The “G” LED should be lit.


Fig. 01 / MGK L80 Gaming mode.


02 / Press the “M” button (Fig. 02) to enter Record mode. The 3 LED status indicators will start to flash, indicating the keyboard is in Record Mode.


Fig. 02 / MGK L80 Record mode. 


03 / Press the key you would like to record to (F1 to F4) (Fig. 03).


Fig. 03 / MGK L80 Marco Keys. 


04 / Enter the Macro sequence you wish to program.

05 / Press “M” button again once you are finished. The 3 LED status indicators will stop flashing indicating recording is complete. Macro keys can only be used in Gaming Mode.


Fig. 04 / MGK L80 Finish Record.


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