How do I change backlight color?

01 / Press and hold DPI button (Fig. 01) for 5 seconds to enter Lighting Modification Mode. The backlight will flash 5 times to indicate Lighting Modification mode is activated.


Fig. 01 / ATOM DPI Button.


02 / Once in Lighting Modification Mode, use the left side buttons (Fig. 02) to switch between different light modes: Static, Breathing, RGB Cycling, RGB Marquee, and off.


Fig. 02 / ATOM Left Side Button.


03 / On Static or Breathing Mode, use the right side buttons (Fig. 03) to switch between desired colors: Cyan, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Green, and Blue.


Fig. 03 / ATOM Right Side Button.


04 / After lighting configuration is done, click the DPI button once to save setting and exit.


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