How to pair multiple Bluetooth devices

01 / Multi-Pairing Up To 3 Devices

This keyboard supports pairing of up to 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously via combination keys “FN+1”, “FN+2” and “FN+3”. The default device is “FN+1”. To change, simply short-press combination keys “FN+2” or “FN+3” and follow the previous procedures to pair with other devices.
To switch between the 3 paired devices, short-press combination keys “FN+1”, “FN+2”, or “FN+3”. If there is a previous connection already established, the Bluetooth key will flash quickly for 3~5 seconds as it attempts to reconnect to the device and stop flashing once reconnected.



Short-press change to
Device 1
Short-press change to
Device 2
Short-press change to
Device 3
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