How to resolve numeric input error on IZO Numpad?

After connecting to your computer, if your IZO Numpad cannot display numeric inputs when you are typing, please try the following methods below:

Method 1 /  On your keyboard, please press your Num Lock key and make sure the Num Lock function is turned ON so that your IZO Numpad can be used normally as a numeric keypad.

Method 2 / If your keyboard does not include a Num Lock key, please try the following steps: 

For PC Users

01 .Open search.  (click on the search icon next to the Windows icon in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen or it should be right next to or inside the Windows quick launch window depends what version of Windows you are running).
02. Type "On-screen Keyboard" in the search box, then the On-Screen Keyboard option shall pop up below the search box.  Click to open it.
03. By default, you may not see the number keyboard in the On-Screen keyboard, if so,  please look for the "Option" Key locate near the bottom right corner of the On-Screen Keyboard and click it to open the Options window.
04. Check the option "Turn on the numeric keypad" in the Options window, it should be the 3rd option from the top.  Click OK to apply the change.
05. Now the numeric keypad shall appear in your On-Screen Keyboard, please click on the NumLock option, which shall be located at the far right-hand corner.
06. Now the numeric keypad function shall be set back to the number input.

For Mac Users

01. Click on the Apple logo and select "System Preferences." Then, select "Universal Access" in the System category.
02. Click on the "Mouse" tab. Select "On" next to "Mouse Keys." Pressing the numbers on the number pad will move the mouse as if the numbers were arrow keys. The number 8 moves the mouse up; 2 moves the arrow down; 4 moves the arrow to the left; and 6 moves the arrow to the right.
03. Click on "Press the Option key five times to turn Mouse Keys on or Off" to enable the shortcut for essentially turning on and off Num Lock. Close "System Preferences."
04. Press the "Option" key five times. Mouse keys will be enabled. Pressing the numbers on the number pad will move the mouse.

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