How to change backlight modes?

Backlight Modes: 

    Press FN + END to cycle between four lighting modes: Static, Breathing, Wave, & Reactive.


Backlight Brightness: 

    Press FN + Up Arrow Key or Down arrow key to increase or decrease the backlight brightness.


Backlight colors:

    Press FN + Right Arrow Key or Left Arrow Key to cycle through the backlight colors: White (default), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Sky Blue, & RGB.


Backlight speed:

    Press FN + Page Up or Page Down to speed up or slow down the backlights. Only the Breathing and Wave modes can adjust the backlight speed.



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  • I’d like to be able to assign a color to certain groups of keys. For example, set a color for all the function keys, another for arrows, etc. maybe even have all keys affected by caps lock to use alternate color when caps lock enabled.

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