How do I use the knob to program macros?

Step 1. 

Switch the keyboard to Macro Mode by holding down FN + Left Arrow. The indicator light will light up on 'M' when you are in the macro setting.


Step 2.

Press Fn + Center / Up / Down  / Left / Right arrow button on the control knob to begin the macro recording session. Whichever button you've pressed will be where the keyboard saves the macro commands. You may save up to 5 separate macros, one for each button. The arrow buttons on the knob will flash slowly, showing that it is now recording.


Step 3.

Type in the command that you'd like to save as a macro. You may type in a single function key, combination function key such as 'CTRL + C,' or a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols up to 10 characters. If nothing is entered within 15 seconds, the keyboard will exit the macro recording session without saving any settings.


Step 4.

After typing in your command, press any button on the control knob to exit with the saved macro setting. The arrow buttons on the knob will stop flashing to show that it is no longer recording. To use the macro anytime, simply press the button on the control knob that you saved the macro to and it should replicate the command.



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