How do I adjust the multimedia settings?

The multimedia settings can be adjusted by first pressing FN and LEFT arrow keys until the indicator light (Fig. 01) at the top is on "S" for Multimedia Mode.


Fig.01 / Changing Control Mode


Next, you will use the control knob (Fig. 02) to change the backlight settings.


Fig.02 / Control Knob Multimedia Settings

  1. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the sound volume.
  2. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to decrease the sound volume.
  3. a) Press down on the center button of the knob to mute / unmute sound.
    b) Press down on the UP arrow key on the knob to play / pause the current media.
    c) Press down on the DOWN arrow key on the knob to stop the current media.
    d) Press down on the LEFT arrow key on the knob to play the previous media.
    e) Press down on the RIGHT arrow key on the knob to play the next media.
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