How to pair keyboard bluetooth mode




Step.1   Switch the keyboard to BT mode. The mode switch is located on the back side of the keyboard.

Step.2   Select which Bluetooth module to connect to by holding down (FN) key and 1, 2, or 3 together. For example, when pairing with the Bluetooth module 1, hold down (FN) key and 1. Once successfully in Bluetooth module 1, The Bluetooth key will flash quickly as connection is establishing indication for 5 times, then go away. For first time connection, the default module is set at Bluetooth module 1. (*Please refer to this guide for more details.)

Step.3   Put the keyboard in Pairing Mode by holding down (FN) key and the (BT) key. This key is the INS key in PC layout or EJECT key in Mac layout. Hold down the (FN) key and the INS or EJECT key for a few seconds until the keyboard backlight goes from a quick flash to a slow continuous flash. The keyboard is now in Pairing Mode.

Step.4   On your Mac, navigate to ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Keyboard’. Next, click on ‘Set Up Bluetooth Keyboard’. For Windows 10, go to ‘Bluetooth Settings‘ and select ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’. Once the setup wizard finds ‘AZIO RCK’, click ‘Pair’.

Once pairing is successfully completed, the keyboard backlight will stop flashing. The keyboard is now ready for use.



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