Interface mode setup

01 / Control Diagram / Back of the Keyboard


A. Interface Mode 

B. MAC/iOS/PC/Android Mode 

C. USB/Charging Port



02 / MAC/PC Modes

1. PC mode                                                              2. MAC mode

HOW_TO_USE-07.png                                                   HOW_TO_USE-06.png

By default, the keyboard will be in MAC/iOS mode. To change it to PC/Android mode, please toggle the switch to “PC/Android” position. Once in PC mode, replace the MAC keycaps with the included PC key caps according to the diagram on the DEVICE LAYOUT section.



03 / Interface Modes






BT: Bluetooth mode allows you to connect the keyboard to your computer wirelessly. In BT mode, the backlight will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery.






USB: In USB mode, please connect the included USB Type-C cable to the keyboard and your computer. The red LED on ESC key may light up, indicating the keyboard is simultaneously charging. In USB mode, the keyboard will not go into battery saver mode.






OFF: In OFF mode, all circuitry will be off. This is ideal if the keyboard will not be used for an extended duration of time. Please note that the keyboard can still be charged while in OFF mode.






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