How to pair the mouse in bluetooth mode



01 / Pairing the Mouse in Bluetooth Mode


Power on the mouse. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON position.

Step.2   Switch the mouse to Bluetooth mode. Toggle the Bluetooth / RF Mode switch to (upper position) to set the connection to Bluetooth mode.

Step.3   Hold down the CONNECT button for a few seconds and release. The blue LED will start to flash in a fast pace. The mouse is now in Pairing Mode.

Step.4    On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences and select Bluetooth. Next, select AZIO RCM and click on Pair. For Windows 10, go to Bluetooth Settings and select Add Bluetooth or other device. Once the setup wizard finds AZIO RCM, click on Pair. Once pairing is successfully completed, the blue pairing LED will stop flashing. The mouse is now ready for use.




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