Cascade/Cascade Slim Firmware V1.3 Update - Fixing Print Screen Key Input

Update Summary / 

Updating Print Screen key command.

Symptom / 

Users had reported the Print Screen key under PC mode is registering as Win + Print Screen as the key command, which shall be only Print Screen. 

Fix / 

The command the Print Screen key had been updated to "Print Screen" only with no additional combination keys.


Note / This update will include all the modifications and fixes available up to this point.


Update procedure instruction /

01 / Download the Firmware update file that is attached at the bottom of this article. There are a direct executable update file and a compressed file. You might need to download the compressed file if you have an antivirus app installed on your PC/MAC since the executable file might be treated as a virus or file with a threat. 

02 / Unzip the compressed file.03 / Connect your keyboard to the pc via the USB cable and turn the keyboard on to USB mode and your operating system type.

04 / Double click on the executable file AZIO_Cascade_Firmware_V1.3.exe

05 / The update file will open, and click on the "Start" button.Fig_01.png

06 / The update file shall start the update, and your keyboard light will be off. Please do not disconnect or press any key on the keyboard during the update process. The update process shall take only about 10 seconds.


07 / Once the update is done, the updated app shall display "Update successfully" close the app by clicking on the right-hand top "X" button.


08 / Your update is DONE!

09 / If you go to the "Bluetooth & Device" section in your system setting, you shall see "AZIO Cascade V1.3" as the device name under the Input Device section. This is a second way to verify the update is done correctly. You might need to unplug and re-plug the USB cable to refresh the keyboard connection for the computer to restore the device name.


Note: After the change, only the USB device name will be updated to AZIO Cascade V1.3, but the Bluetooth device name will still show Cascade V1.0.  Such representation is correct.  The firmware update had been done through the USB, and we changed the USB device name with the current firmware version number to indicate the firmware status.  The update will optimize the keyboard for both the USB and the Bluetooth modes.


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